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Amanda Glazier

Deep-sea invertebrate population geneticist, genomicist, bioinformatician, evolutionary biologist, and educator

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My research interests focus on using evolutionary and genetic patterns to address ecological questions. I use genomic and bioinformatic tools to investigate questions of connectivity, gene flow, and response to stressors. I seek to understand species boundaries, mechanisms underlying population divergence, and how anthropogenic and climatic stressors will impact these patterns.


My teaching interests stem from my research. These include invertebrate zoology, ecology, marine biology, and introductory biology. I strive to create lesson plans with a variety of learning modes, combing hands-on activities with discussions, short lectures, and small group exercises.

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Twitter: @ae_glazier


About Me

I am a marine scientist interested in genetic patterns and processes in ecological contexts. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Boston and went on to a Postdoc at Temple University. During this postdoc, I used novel and established pipelines to analyze transcriptomic data from cold-water corals. I love using genetic tools to interpret ecological patterns. I have developed and taught courses in General Biology, Marine Ecology, Genetics, and Experimental Marine Biology, among others. I am passionate about creating a comfortable, inclusive classroom, be it in-person or remote, in which everyone can participate and thrive.


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Department of Biology
Haverford College
Haverford, PA

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